Bicycle shop goes – Local to National

Posted on May 25th, 2022.

eCommerce Web Design and Development in Melbourne

One of our esteemed clients who was running a successful physical store selling bicycle and parts was doing well. In early 2018 he saw the trend that how online sales were growing in Australia, with all ages jumping on the trend and buying online rather than physical shopping at store.

They were wondering about the approach and other costs associated with setting up the entire online operations and were concerned about things like –

  • Having fixed employee cost
  • Training the employee
  • Creating understanding about the platforms and sales channels
  • Putting in all content on the website

When they evaluated the entire setup they were taken a back with the effort that they will have to put.

Good News! they were discussing this with one of their friends and they referred to us “THE MERCHANT BUDDY” as a one stop solution doing the BUILD, OPERATE and MANAGE the online store.

They approached us and we took the entire the hassle away right from the setup to working out all the intricacies. The business owner got the time to think about the strategy rather than working on finer details like adding data to content!

In the next 1-2 months we created a new webstore and launched the business on ebay as well. The content was well laid out and easy for the customers to understand the product and get the confidence that they are buying from a reputed seller.

The results time!

After 3-4 months we could see the business getting traction and whoopie we hit the right spot !

Starting from the very first sale of $119 in the first month, we hit a consistent $4000 sales per month.

Fast forward after a year the business has seen a consistent growth with sales being consistent between $35,000 to $60,000 monthly.

The business has now truly gone from LOCAL TO NATIONAL, starting from selling from a suburb now their products ship to all corners of the country.

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