Case Study One

Posted on April 12th, 2022.

eBay Store Management

John had a vast experience in automotive parts and coming from a background of manufacturing, he had developed a passion about engine and braking system parts.

He had been selling products to trade people and wanted to grow on online platforms.


With a warehouse filled with stock worth of half a million, it was John’s priority to grow sales on ecommerce platforms. He had been trying to sell on eBay for about 5 years but sales were not crossing $60K a month mark. Things were all over the place and products were not properly listed. Ambiguities with pricing, fitment compatibility and images were also a big concern. In all, whole ecommerce store needed a revamp.


As eBay was the only marketplace active, we planned to manage the store on it first. Actions involved –

  •  Updating the existing listings
  •  Normalising prices and removing discrepancies in postage policies
  •  Reviving inactive listings
  •  Correcting syncing issues between Maropost (Neto) and Ebay
  •  Making in house stock available on Ebay for sale

In addition to Ebay, other market places were also explored including webstore which helped in creating a brand for the business.


As we started with the correction methods, traffic started improving and converted into sales. In first 6 months, there was an increase of 50% in revenue. As the focus was on in-house products, a sharp growth was observed in this segment and shelf items started moving quickly, helping in cash-flow. International sales went up by 80%. After a year’s time, revenue was increased by 100%.

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